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23-09-06 Pre Beg 1 Yvonne v.d.Meer Kerkwijk  
23-09-06 Beginners 1 Harry Eikelboom  Kerkwijk  
21-10-06 Beginners 1   Bleiswijk  
21-10-06 Novice 1 John Grice Bleiswijk

losing 6; volgen lijn 1,75; volgen los 3,5; recall 0,5; retrieve 0,25. Superb heelwork from these two winning run off from the following dog.  John Grice.

04-11-06 Novice 1 Betty Hankinson Kerkwijk

Losing 5,5. A superb team. The heelwork would have done justice to a placing in a higher class. A lovely heelwork position was maintained troughout the two rounds and the turns were well executed and accurate. well done and good luck in your A-class. Betty Hankinson.

16-12-06 A-klasse 1 Sue Garner Kerkwijk

This team demonstrates they have the potential to move throug the higher classes. The dog hold a good heelposition, which can be made more consistent wirh further work. The handlers inexperience lost makes in A-recall , but they stil came out on top. Many congratulations.  Sue Garner.

27-01-07 A-Klasse  Greet Vink  Bleiswijk   
10-02-07  A-Klasse  Betty Hankinson  Kerkwijk 

The two set exercises were very good losing only half a point over all. More attention in the heelwork should make you a worthy contender for first place. Good luck.  Betty Hankinson.

24-02-07  A-Klasse  Pat Woodbridge  Bleiswijk   
24-03-07  A-Klasse   Cris Cann  Bleiswijk   
21-04-07  A-Klasse  Greet Vink  Kerkwijk   
05-05-07  A-Klasse   Ann Rogers Axel 

This little boy is the loveliest shetland sheepdog I have seen in a very long time, tried so hard today, unfotunately brake stays wich nocked you off top spot. I'm sure on today's effort you will not be long in "A" Keep this up and well done on your training.  Ann Rogers.

19-05-07  B-Klasse  Viv B  Almere   
02-06-07  B-Klasse  Mavis Mills  Mijnsheerenland   
20-10-07  A-Klasse  Yvonne v.d. Meer  Kerkwijk   
03-11-07  A-klasse  GP   Bev Hughes Kerkwijk 

A dog that really caught my was Tamara v.d. Wagen and Nicky from messua's Home (Shetland Sheepdog). Tamara and her Sheltie (wich is larger than most I have seen for quite a while) are certainley a team to watch in the future. Before scent they were 4,5 points ahead of the other dogs, but unfortunately her dog , after doing a good scent, lost his way back to mum, then seem to lose confidence and so had to be commanded. But Tamara took it with good grace. lovely to watch and judge.  Bev Hughes.

17-11-07  A-Klasse  Jane Miron  Kerkwijk   
12-01-08  A-Klasse  Ria Mc Govern  Bleiswijk  Erg mooi volgen met goed apporteren en komen op bevel en in de leiding tot sorteren wat je helaas de eerste plaats heeft gekost. Ik ben er van overtuigd dat de eerste plaats niet lang zal uitblijven. Goed gedaan.  Ria MC Govern 
09-02-08  A-klasse  Kathy Murphy  Bleiswijk   
22-03-08  B-Klasse  Lee Barker  Bleiswijk  Tamara & Nicky from Messuas Home..(Shetland Sheepdog). Congratulations on this well deserved win today, a good all round performance. Good Luck for the future.  Lee Barker. 
19-04-08  B-Klasse  Mavis Mills  Kerkwijk  What a cracking little dog this is, the top two places could have gone either way. I hope his health improves. I shall watch his progress with interest. Mavis Mills 
26-07-08 B-Klasse 2 Gail Waddington Kerkwijk  
09-08-08  B-Klasse  Sue Beaver  Mijnsheerenland  C-ONLY 1st Tamara van der Wagen and Nicky from Messua’s Home SSD
ARO HF 4 sendaway 1 ¼ retrieve ¼ scent 1 ½ total = 7 Performed a polished round, just a little bit of crabbing in the heelwork and not sitting after paces. But halved the marks in the run off. Well done and I wish you all the best with Nicky.
18-04-09 C-Klasse 4 Andrew Dicker Schiedam  
07-05-11 C-Klasse 7 Peter Lubbi Schiedam  


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